Florence Hill – Luxury Apartments on Murree Expressway

Safe and Secure investment with affordable price plan. Start living your dream life with Florence Hill. The project located Near Lower Topa Murree (adj. of 400m McDonald’s) main express highway Murree. Booking Start From 16-Lac.

Hamid Mir

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hamid Mir, a renowned businessman, deals in real estate, export businesses and has a plethora of multi-dimensional ventures under his belt. With 40+ years of experience, Internationally, as well as in Pakistan, he has developed a detailed understanding of the workings of the business world. Having relevant experience in architectural ventures along with a diverse portfolio ensures that the clients receive top-notch quality of work in every project that is carried out under his wings.

Mohammad Islam Murtazai


Mohammad Islam Murtazai, with his 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, is the ideal person to serve as the Director technical of this project. He takes pride in the quality of many mega-projects built and delivered under his wing. He has a thorough knowledge regarding the entire process of construction, from start till the final execution of the project, making sure that every step is carried out according to plan. 

About Florence Hill

As you step on to the site, you realise that it presents itself as the perfect location to develop a luxurious dwelling; an ideal location for where man meets nature. The aim was to compliment the site by designing an icon that would present luxurious living to its residents without taking away from the surrounding breathtaking views.
The design ideology ensures that the user is connected with the valley, every step of the way. An airy and well-lit atrium has been incorporated in the design to flood the internal spaces with natural light.
Luxury apartments with a modern design that pay homage to their beautiful site! Apartments with their spacious balconies can serve as a vacation spot as well as for comfortable permanent living.
Two commercial floors are designed as a seperate entity from the residential keep the residents’ privacy and tranquillity intact. These floors will serve as an attraction point for tourists and passersby, bringing a holistic experience in the form of Florence Hills.